Sunday, November 1, 2009

This is good - A History lesson- and what did we do?


  1. It shows that it is nothing more than a PONZI scheme and vote manipulator created by democrats and should be dismantled.It's very creation was un-American.

  2. Nobody will ever agree to dismantling it now since we all have to much invested into it.
    Invested? Thats a laugher.
    I just wish we would all have had a choice to join the program or decline it. Wouldnt that be true freedom?
    Of course most would decline since it is such a bad deal.
    You think when this scheme was being sold to the American people they were told if you like your current retirement program you can keep it and it will be deficit nuetral and actually save the country money?

  3. There was something on Fox yesterday about an opt out plan for SSI. And the people in this town pay into this fund and they are getting much more on retirment then SSI. They showed how it works and everything. Doug that would be a cool thing to show on your blog if you can find it on Fox's web site. It would compement this blog post.

  4. Thanks Chris I will take a look for it, I would like to get in on that deal myself.
    By the way about some of the pictures missing, yeah they come and go like that, it must have something to do with formatting and the way they load when my page is accessed.
    sometimes they show up sometimes they dont.