Friday, November 6, 2009

Any Of This Sound Familiar With What Is Happening Today?


  1. Wow is that powerful. I've never seen that before today.

  2. Look up the book Chris, You can get used copies of it for less than $10. It was written back in 1944 And details how The democracies will eventually devolve into dictatorships or serfdoms.
    The formula to acheive this is laid out in the book and is very telling to how the left operates today.
    Of course this is not what most on the left are aiming for but it is their policies and philosophy that will take us there.
    When you weaken the institutions and the moral foundation and create an anything goes society eventually that society will become so corrupt and unstable that the people will accept any promise of stability and security.
    The german people did not over night willingly accept nazism, they and their society were corrupted for a couple of decades before the time was right to institute tyranny and complete control over themIt all happens incrementally
    The more power that is stripped from us and our states and put under the federal government the closer we get to the day where all power is centralized and government rules completey over us, we will then have become the serfs.Can you see it happening? How about with the people down at Cobo looking for Obama bucks Or the corrupt media in bed with one political party?
    How about with the demonization of christians?
    Political correctness permeates our society and now even our military.
    We are being weakened and a large percentage of our population has accepted all kinds of deviant behavior as normal and acceptable,heck even drugging and raping a child is not really rape-rape.
    Look what this country stood for and would not tolerate 30 years ago and what is perfectly acceptable today and you will have to come to the conclusion we are about at the end of the road to serfdom.

  3. Well the liberal 'intellectuals' always deny history repetes itself and yet they do it on purpose and the electorate is completely ignorant to all of it.

    Great reminder Doug!