Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Man fired after saying homosexuality wrong

This is so hard to believe , Exactly what country are we living in?It doesnt matter what you views are on the subject, this is just tyrannical.Anybody want to take bets that the ACLU wont come to his defense?


  1. Doug,
    Remeber Carrie Prejean? She lost twice,1-potential job as Miss America and 2-her then current job as Miss California for basically the same thing but dare say more subtly.

    This is only the beginning for us not in the lime-light. Not many are aware that the "Hate Crimes" legislation was snuck/attached into the last Military Spending Appropiations bill which of course passed.

    Beware all,not only your job is in potential jeapordy but also your freedom.

  2. When you add up everything that is happening it sounds like the stories in the Bible. When they put aborted babies on their faces to look younger something is up. I just wish more people of faith would fight back. At least I a few good Christian soldiers out there in the world. Thank you for bringing this stuff to light for us.

  3. Truly firghtening times guys, there is a story about an eldery couple in Britain being persecuted because of they dare qouted the bible regarding homosexuality, which is what is in store here with the staelth way they passed that so called hate crime bill. Hopefully we still have enough sensible people on the supreme court who will throw that horribly written bill into the trash heap where it belongs.
    Equal protection under the law still apply here?

  4. The guy in the video is lucky they didn't call the cops and have him prosecuted under the new federal hate crimes legislation! So much for freedom of speech. That only applies to the sexual deviants I guess.

    WHAT has happened to this world?! The normal people have been asleep at the switch while the nutjobs have been steering. Let's hope we woke up in time to get control.

  5. The time is now to start fighting back against these tyrants. did you guys see the story of the two wacked out women in Flagstaff attacking the 69 year old anti abortion protester?
    Thse people are nuts and dangerous and they are getting encouragement from all sectors of our society that is dominated by the lunatic left.