Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shocker! Detroit unemployment approaching 50%

The mayor of Detroit, Mich., has hit the nation with an unemployment shocker.
Despite an official rate of 27 percent, the city's actual unemployment rate is closer to 50 percent, according to Detroit Mayor Dave Bing.
He said the higher rate is more accurate after taking into account those who have given up finding a job and those working fewer hours than they want.

The news comes after a recent Red Alert report indicating that many of America's inner cities, including Detroit, have become "dead zones" of predominately Democratic-voting African-American ghettos of poverty.
"It's a reality that has become politically incorrect to discuss in an era where President Obama occupies the White House and the Democratic Party controls Congress.

The news comes after a recent Red Alert report indicating that many of America's inner cities, including Detroit, have become "dead zones" of predominately Democratic-voting African-American ghettos of poverty.
"It's a reality that has become politically incorrect to discuss in an era where President Obama occupies the White House and the Democratic Party controls Congress," Corsi wrote.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that for the year ending in September, Michigan's official unemployment rate was 12.6 percent, according to the Detroit News.
Yet, using the broadest definition of unemployment, the state's unemployment was 20.9 percent, or 66 percent higher than the official rate.
The unemployment situation is particularly severe in Detroit, where the official BLS unemployment rate was 27 percent, while the broader measure pushed the city's unemployment rate to 44.8 percent.
Detroit, an inner city 'dead zone'
The Times Online noted a grim reality in Detroit in which piles of unburied bodies tell the story of a "city in despair."
"The abandoned corpses, in white body bags with number tags tied to each toe, lie one above the other on steel racks inside a giant freezer in Detroit's central mortuary, like discarded shoes in the back of a wardrobe," Tim Reid wrote in the article.
"Some have lain here for years, but in the recent months the number of unclaimed bodies has reached a record high. For in this city that once symbolized the American dream many cannot even afford to bury their dead."
Gone from Detroit is the employment power of the Big Three automakers – GM, Ford and Chrysler – while the murder rate is soaring, the school system is in receivership, and the city treasury is $300 million short of the funds needed to provide even the most basic city services, such as garbage collection.
"Thousands of houses are abandoned, roofs ripped off, windows smashed," Reid wrote. "Block after block of shipping districts lie boarded up."
Despite President Obama's rapidly sinking poll numbers, more than 90 percent of African-Americans still support his presidency.
Michigan votes Democratic
Michigan's Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm is a Democrat, as are the state's two U.S. senators, Debbie Stabenow and Carl Levin.
"Yet, cities like Detroit inevitably vote Democratic largely because the cities have become dependent upon federal social-welfare programs to survive," Corsi wrote. "Poverty voters continue to identify their interests with Democrats like President Obama who remain openly committed to a socialist redistribution of income in the United States."
He continued, "It should be obvious government social-welfare programs do not work."
After the trillions of dollars spent since 1964 to fight poverty, Corsi said it is evident that money alone does not solve poverty.
A permanent underclass?
Statistics generated by the U.S. government have shown since the Johnson administration that poverty in America is disproportionately an African-American problem of inner cities, Red Alert reported.
The data also show that Hispanics are now joining African-Americans to disproportionately suffer poverty in the U.S. cities throughout the nation where immigrants, both legal and illegal, have settled to live.
"Undoubtedly," Corsi wrote, "racial discrimination historically has played a major role in explaining why African-Americans and Hispanics suffer disproportionately poverty in America. Still, today racial discrimination in the employment setting is against the law and, in many instances, criminal behavior."
He said the question is whether U.S. poverty policy can ameliorate the chronic inner-city poverty experienced since the 1920s by African-Americans, and more recently by Hispanics.
Losing ground
In 1984, political scientist Charles Murray published "Losing Ground," a book sharply critical of Lyndon Johnson's War on Poverty that argued the U.S. should scrap all social-welfare programs.
Murray's argument was that social-welfare programs by their very nature created a "poverty culture," especially in African-American families, where the welfare state was actually encouraging the breakup of families by implementing qualifying rules detrimental to family development as conditions for receiving welfare.
He took the opposite approach, arguing that all federal entitlement "transfer programs" to the poor should be terminated for working-aged people immediately, including Medicare, food stamps, unemployment insurance, workers' compensation, subsidized housing, disability insurance, as well as a myriad of others.
Murray argued this not from a lack of sympathy with the poor, but from an intellectual conviction that the only way to solve poverty was to leave the poor with no recourse except for the job market, family members and friends, as well as charity and whatever aid for the poor or unemployed the states decided to provide.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Different Christmas Poem

The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light,
I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight.
My wife was asleep, her head on my chest,
My daughter beside me, angelic in rest.
Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white,
Transforming the yard to a winter delight.

The sparkling lights in the tree I believe,
Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve.
My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep,
Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep.
In perfect contentment, or so it would seem,
So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream.

The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near,
But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear..
Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, Then the
sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow.
My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear,
And I crept to the door just to see who was near.

Standing out in the cold and the dark of the night,
A lone figure stood, his face weary and tight.
A soldier, I puzzled, some twenty years old,
Perhaps a Marine, huddled here in the cold.
Alone in the dark, he looked up and smiled,
Standing watch over me, and my wife and my child.

"What are you doing?" I asked without fear,
"Come in this moment, it's freezing out here!
Put down your pack, brush the snow from your sleeve,
You should be at home on a cold Christmas Eve!"
For barely a moment I saw his eyes shift,
Away from the cold and the snow blown in drifts..

To the window that danced with a warm fire's light
Then he sighed and he said "Its really all right,
I'm out here by choice. I'm here every night."
"It's my duty to stand at the front of the line,
That separates you from the darkest of times.

No one had to ask or beg or implore me,
I'm proud to stand here like my fathers before me.
My Gramps died at ' Pearl on a day in December,"
Then he sighed, "That's a Christmas 'Gram always remembers."
My dad stood his watch in the jungles of ' Nam ',
And now it is my turn and so, here I am.

I've not seen my own son in more than a while,
But my wife sends me pictures, he's sure got her smile.
Then he bent and he carefully pulled from his bag,
The red, white, and blue... an American flag.
I can live through the cold and the being alone,
Away from my family, my house and my home.

Reason for the Season

I can stand at my post through the rain and the sleet,
I can sleep in a foxhole with little to eat.
I can carry the weight of killing another,
Or lay down my life with my sister and brother..
Who stand at the front against any and all,
To ensure for all time that this flag will not fall.."

" So go back inside," he said, "harbor no fright,
Your family is waiting and I'll be all right."
"But isn't there something I can do, at the least,
"Give you money," I asked, "or prepare you a feast?
It seems all too little for all that you've done,
For being away from your wife and your son."

Then his eye welled a tear that held no regret,
"Just tell us you love us, and never forget.
To fight for our rights back at home while we're gone,
To stand your own watch, no matter how long.
For when we come home, either standing or dead,
To know you remember we fought and we bled.
Is payment enough, and with that we will trust,
That we mattered to you as you mattered to us."

PLEASE, would you do me the kind favor of sending this to as many
people as you can? Christmas will be coming soon and some credit is due to our
U.S service men and women for our being able to celebrate these
festivities. Let's try in this small way to pay a tiny bit of what we owe. Make people
stop and think of our heroes, living and dead, who sacrificed themselves for us.

LCDR Jeff Giles, SC, USN
30th Naval Construction Regiment
OIC, Logistics Cell One
Al Taqqadum, Iraq

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This is by far the best explanation
of the Muslim terrorist situation I have ever read. His
references to past history are accurate and clear. Not long,
easy to understand, and well worth the read. The author
is said to be Dr. Emanuel Tanay, a well known and
well respected psychiatrist.//

**_A German's View on Islam_***_
_*A man, whose family was German aristocracy prior to World
War II, owned a number of large industries and estates. When
asked how many German people were true Nazis, the answer he
gave can guide our attitude toward fanaticism. 'Very few
people were true Nazis,' he said, 'but many enjoyed the
return of German pride, and many more were too busy to care.
I was one of those who just thought the Nazis were a bunch
of fools. So, the majority just sat back and let it all
happen. Then, before we knew it, they owned us, and we had
lost control, and the end of the world had come. My family
lost everything. I ended up in a concentration camp
and the Allies destroyed my factories.'

We are told again and again by 'experts' and 'talking
heads' that Islam is the religion of peace, and that the
vast majority of Muslims just want to live in peace.
Although this unqualified assertion may be true, it is
entirely irrelevant. It is meaningless fluff, meant to make
us feel better, and meant to somehow diminish the spectra of
fanatics rampaging across the globe in the name of Islam.

The fact is that the fanatics rule Islam at this moment in
history. It is the fanatics who march. It is the fanatics
who wage any one of 50 shooting wars worldwide. It is the
fanatics who systematically slaughter Christian or tribal
groups throughout Africa and are gradually
taking over the entire continent in an Islamic wave. It is
the fanatics who bomb, behead, murder, or honour-kill. It is
the fanatics who take over mosque after mosque. It is the
fanatics who zealously spread the stoning and hanging of
rape victims and homosexuals. It is the fanatics who teach
their young to kill and to become suicide bombers.
The hard quantifiable fact is that the peaceful majority,
the 'silent majority,' is cowed and extraneous.

Communist Russia was comprised of Russians who just wanted
to live in peace, yet the Russian Communists were
responsible for the murder of about 20 million people. The
peaceful majority were irrelevant.

China 's huge population was peaceful as well, but Chinese
Communists managed to kill a staggering 70 million people.
The average Japanese individual prior to World War II was
not a warmongering sadist. Yet, Japan
murdered and slaughtered its way
across South East Asia in an orgy of
killing that included the systematic murder of 12 million
Chinese civilians; most killed by sword, shovel, and

And, who can forget Rwanda , which
collapsed into butchery. Could it not be said that the
majority of Rwandans were 'peace loving'?

History lessons are often incredibly simple and blunt, yet
for all our powers of reason we often miss the most basic
and uncomplicated of points: Peace-loving Muslims have been
made irrelevant by their silence. Peace-loving Muslims will
become our enemy if they don't speak up, because like my
friend from Germany , they will awaken one
day and find that the fanatics own them, and the end of
their world will have begun.

Peace-loving Germans, Japanese, Chinese, Russians, Rwandans,
Serbs, Afghans, Iraqis, Palestinians, Somalis, Nigerians,
Algerians, and many others have died because the peaceful
majority did not speak up until it was too

As for us who watch it all unfold, we must pay attention to
the only group that counts; the fanatics who threaten our
way of life.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Lamestream Media Continue The Indoctrination Into Global Warming

You’d think the left-wing media could take a break from the Tiger Woods saga to tell us the truth about the Global Warming fraud!
After two weeks of increasing public pressure, we finally shamed ABC, NBC, and CBS into covering the ClimateGate scandal.
But the coverage has been extremely biased and has done nothing to explain to the public the significance of the leaked e-mails from so-called climate “experts” revealing a pattern of deceit, conspiracy, and cover-up.
As Brent Bozell points out in his recent press release, the networks have not treated this like the bombshell scandal that it is. Instead, they continue to beat the climate change drum while ignoring the lies and deceit in those e-mails that call into question the whole premise of the global warming fraud.
After ignoring ClimateGate for over two weeks, NBC mentioned it this past weekend, but they assured viewers that “the evidence is overwhelming that man is behind climate change.”
ABC also acknowledged ClimateGate on Sunday, but then outrageously declared “the science is solid, according to a vast majority of researchers.”
For the record, this “vast majority of researchers” includes the very scientists that sent the damning e-mails at the center of the ClimateGate cover-up!
And the “overwhelming” evidence cited? How much of it was tainted and tampered with by the researchers in question?
The only reason the so-called “news” networks even gave this story a cursory pass is because of the public outcry at the grassroots level. But now with the Copenhagen climate conference underway, the left-wing media are eager to dismiss the revelations and make ClimateGate go away as quickly as possible.
We can’t let the media get away with this!
With so much at stake in the growing climate debate, and a President who is eager to embrace a constricting climate treaty that would almost assuredly devastate our economy, Americans need the real truth on ClimateGate!
+ + Nearly 20,000 emails deluge the networks!
To shake the media awake and force them to cover what is unquestionably the greatest scandal in modern science, we’ve launched a massive grassroots blitz to expose the truth behind this cover-up, and force the media to do their jobs.
In just a few days, nearly 20,000 emails and countless phone calls have flooded the networks demanding a full and thorough investigation of ClimateGate …
This is a great start, but we must keep the pressure on.
That’s why we are asking you to take fast action by e-mailing and calling ABC, NBC and CBS and demanding complete and honest coverage of the ClimateGate scandal until all the facts are known!
Our dedicated staff of analysts and researchers have put together a number of incredible resources about ClimateGate that we want you to share with friends and family.
After sending your emails and calling the networks, please forward this message to 30-35 friends encouraging them to click here to read our special reports and take action with you!We cannot allow ClimateGate to become the greatest story never told!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Two Weeks On: Mainstream Media Still Ignores ClimateGate

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

The liberal media are refusing to cover the greatest
scandal in modern science because it goes against
their left-wing agenda!

Leaked e-mails by top climate scientists reveal a pattern
of deception by global warming alarmists. It turns out
all the data don't support their warming theories.

Instead of reporting on the growing ClimateGate scandal,
network news organizations are giving us up-to-the-minute
coverage of Tiger Woods-no doubt hoping the world will
forget the story and simply move on ...

I refuse to move on. In fact, I've already sent emails
to key executives at ABC, NBC, and CBS, demanding they
report the truth about ClimateGate.

I'm encouraging you to do the same by clicking here:


Thursday, December 3, 2009

CBS Sexes Up 'Frosty the Snowman'

In a perverse advertisement currently on the its Web site, CBS is trying to cross market the crass television show "How I Met Your Mother" with the children's holiday classics "Frosty the Snowman" and "Frosty Returns."
The disgusting result was the video "Frosty the Inappropriate Snowman," in which Neil Patrick Harris's voice (in character from the sitcom "How I Met Your Mother") was dubbed over Frosty footage.
Harris' Frosty said things like, "We've got to have a bros' night at a strip club" because it's "healthy" and "harmless." He also discussed his "porn collection" and "the Dominator 8000 - the best bull whip on the market."
Well-known scenes of the classic Frosty delighting children by coming to life were perverted by the ad which included Frosty saying, "I have been with a lot of women. Blondes. Brunettes. Redheads. Big boobs. Small boobs. Medium boobs. Some boobs that were big but kind of in a bad way."

The new, crude snowman also encouraged the white rabbit in the movie to have sexual fantasies: "You should have hit that. Dude, your pants were already off. You had a classroom full of people to cheer you on. And you can't knock her up because it's a dream."
The voiceovers also included lines showing "Frosty's" willingness to punch anyone - "I'll punch a baby. I don't care." - and his delight in "scoring front row seats to a lethal injection

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

If George Bush...

What If George W. Bush had been the first President to need a teleprompter installed to be able to get through a press conference, would you have laughed and said this is more proof of how inept he is on his own and is really controlled by smarter men behind the scenes?

If George W. Bush had been the first President to spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to take Laura Bush to a play in NYC, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had been the first President to reduce your retirement plan's holdings of GM stock by 90% and given the unions a majority stake in GM, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had been the first President to make a joke at the expense of the Special Olympics, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had given Gordon Brown a set of inexpensive and incorrectly formatted DVDs, when Gordon Brown had given him a thoughtful and historically significant gift, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had given the Queen of England an iPod containing videos of his speeches, would you have thought this embarrassingly narcissistic and tacky?

If George W. Bush had bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had visited Austria and made reference to the non-existent "Austrian language," would you have brushed it off as a minor slip?

If George W. Bush had filled his cabinet and circle of advisers with people who cannot seem to keep current in their income taxes, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had been so Spanish illiterate as to refer to "Cinco de Cuatro" in front of the Mexican ambassador when it was the 5th of May (Cinco de Mayo), and continued to flub it when he tried again, would you have winced in embarrassment?

If George W. Bush had mis-spelled the word "advice" would you have hammered him for it for years like Dan Quayle and potatoe as proof of what a dunce he is?

If George W. Bush had burned 9,000 gallons of jet fuel to go plant a single tree on Earth Day, would you have concluded he's a hypocrite?

If George W. Bush's administration had okayed Air Force One flying low over millions of people followed by a jet fighter in downtown Manhattan causing widespread panic, would you have wondered whether they actually get what happened on 9-11?

If George W. Bush had failed to send relief aid to flood victims throughout the Midwest with more people killed or made homeless than in New Orleans , would you want it made into a major ongoing political issue with claims of racism and incompetence?

If George W. Bush had created the position of 32 Czars who report directly to him, bypassing the House and Senate on much of what is happening in America , would you have approved.

If George W. Bush had ordered the firing of the CEO of a major corporation, even though he had no constitutional authority to do so, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had proposed to double the national debt, which had taken more than two centuries to accumulate, in one year, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had then proposed to double the debt again within 10 years, would you have approved?

So, tell me again, what is it about Obama that makes him so brilliant and impressive? Can't think of anything? Don't worry. He's done all this in 10 months -- so you'll have three years and two months to come up with an answer.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Yes Mr. President, We Noticed

This was written by Sherry Hackett, Buddy Hackett's widow........


President Obama:

Today I read of your administrations' plan to re-define September 11
as a National Service Day. Sir, it's time we had a talk.........

During your campaign, Americans watched as you made mockery of our tradition of standing and crossing your heart when the Pledge of Allegiance was spoken. You, out of four people on the stage, were the only one not honoring our tradition.

YES, "We noticed."

During one of your many speeches, Americans heard you say that you intended to visit all 57 states. We all know that Islam, not America has 57 states.

YES, "We noticed."

When President Bush leaned over at Ground Zero and gently placed a flower on the memorial, while you nonchalantly tossed your flower onto the pile without leaning over.

YES, "We noticed."

Every time you apologized to other countries for America's position on an issue we have wondered why you don't share our pride in this great country. When you have heard foreign leaders berate our country and our beliefs, you have not defended us. In fact, you insulted the British Crown beyond belief.

YES, "We noticed."

When your pastor of 20 years, "God-damned America " and said that 9/11 was " America's chickens coming home to roost" and you denied having heard recriminations of that nature, we wondered how that could be. You later disassociated yourself from that church and Pastor Wright because it was politically expedient to do so.

YES, "We noticed."

When you announced that you would transform America , we wondered why. With all her faults, America is the greatest country on earth. Sir, KEEP THIS IN MIND, "if not for America and the people who built her, you wouldn't be sitting in the White House now." Prior to your election to the highest office in this Country, you were a senator from Illinois and from what we can glean from the records available, not a very remarkable one.

YES, "We noticed."

All through your campaign and even now, you have surrounded yourself with individuals who are basically unqualified for the positions for which you appointed them. Worse than that, the majority of them are people who, like you, bear no special allegiance, respect, or affection for this country and her traditions.

YES, "We noticed."

You are 9 months into your term and every morning millions of Americans wake up to a new horror heaped on us by you. You seek to saddle working Americans with a health care/insurance reform package that, along with cap and trade, will bankrupt this nation.

YES, "We noticed."

We seek, by protesting, to let our representatives know that we are not in favor of these crippling expenditures and we are labeled "un-American","racist", "mob". We wonder how we are supposed to let you know how frustrated we are. You have attempted to make our protests seem isolated and insignificant. Until your appointment, Americans had the right
to speak out.

YES, "We noticed."

On September 11, 2001 there were no Republicans or Democrats, only Americans. And we all grieved together and helped each other in whatever way we could. The attack on 9/11 was carried out because we are Americans.

And YES, "We noticed."

There were many of us who prayed that as a black president you could help unite this nation. In six months you have done more to destroy this nation than the attack on 9/11. You have failed us.

YES, "We noticed."

September 11 is a day of remembrance for all Americans. You propose to make 9/11 a "National Service Day". While we know that you don't share our reverence for 9/11, we pray that history will report your proposal as what it is...a disgrace.

YES, "We noticed."

You have made a mockery of our Constitution and the office that you hold. You have embarrassed and slighted us in foreign visits and policy.

YES, "We noticed.."

We have noticed all these things. We will deal with you. When Americans come together again, it will be to remove you from office.

Take notice.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

President Pantywaist?

The Brits dont mince words.

Pity we have to go to the European press to get an honest analysis of how far we have sunk.

Gerald Warner
Gerald Warner is an author, broadcaster, columnist and polemical commentator who writes about politics, religion, history, culture and society in general.
Barack Obama and the CIA:


If al-Qaeda, the Taliban and the rest of the Looney Tunes brigade want to kick America to death, they had better move in quickly and grab a piece of the action before Barack Obama finishes the job himself. Never in the history of the United States has a president worked so actively against the interests of his own people – not even Jimmy Carter.

Obama’s problem is that he does not know who the enemy is. To him, the enemy does not squat in caves in Waziristan, clutching automatic weapons and reciting the more militant verses from the Koran: instead, it sits around at tea parties in Kentucky quoting from the US Constitution. Obama is not at war with terrorists, but with his Republican fellow citizens. He has never abandoned the campaign trail.

That is why he opened Pandora’s Box by publishing the Justice Department’s legal opinions on waterboarding and other hardline interrogation techniques. He cynically subordinated the national interest to his partisan desire to embarrass the Republicans. Then he had to rush to Langley, Virginia to try to reassure a demoralised CIA that had just discovered the President of the United States was an even more formidable foe than al-Qaeda.
“Don’t be discouraged by what’s happened the last few weeks,” he told intelligence officers. Is he kidding? Thanks to him, al-Qaeda knows the private interrogation techniques available to the US intelligence agencies and can train its operatives to withstand them – or would do so, if they had not already been outlawed.

Happy Thanksgiving
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So, next time a senior al-Qaeda hood is captured, all the CIA can do is ask him nicely if he would care to reveal when a major population centre is due to be hit by a terror spectacular, or which American city is about to be irradiated by a dirty bomb. Your view of this situation will be dictated by one simple criterion: whether or not you watched the people jumping from the twin towers.

Obama promised his CIA audience that nobody would be prosecuted for past actions. That has already been contradicted by leftist groups with a revanchist ambition to put Republicans, headed if possible by Condoleezza Rice, in the dock. Talk about playing party politics with national security. Martin Scheinin, the United Nations special investigator for human rights, claims that senior figures, including former vice president Dick Cheney, could face prosecution overseas. Ponder that – once you have got over the difficulty of locating the United Nations and human rights within the same dimension.

President Pantywaist Obama should have thought twice before sitting down to play poker with Dick Cheney. The former vice president believes documents have been selectively published and that releasing more will prove how effective the interrogation techniques were. Under Dubya’s administration, there was no further atrocity on American soil after 9/11.

President Pantywaist’s recent world tour, cosying up to all the bad guys, excited the ambitions of America’s enemies. Here, they realised, is a sucker they can really take to the cleaners. His only enemies are fellow Americans. Which prompts the question: why does President Pantywaist hate America so badly?

Pantywaist? The Brits haven't heard what I call our President.

Happy Thanksgiving