Saturday, December 5, 2009

Two Weeks On: Mainstream Media Still Ignores ClimateGate

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The liberal media are refusing to cover the greatest
scandal in modern science because it goes against
their left-wing agenda!

Leaked e-mails by top climate scientists reveal a pattern
of deception by global warming alarmists. It turns out
all the data don't support their warming theories.

Instead of reporting on the growing ClimateGate scandal,
network news organizations are giving us up-to-the-minute
coverage of Tiger Woods-no doubt hoping the world will
forget the story and simply move on ...

I refuse to move on. In fact, I've already sent emails
to key executives at ABC, NBC, and CBS, demanding they
report the truth about ClimateGate.

I'm encouraging you to do the same by clicking here:


  1. Hey Doug, It's amazing. I wrote a little piece about this in my 'Week in Review'. These outfits must take direction from the White House, like after Brietbart/ACORN; only when people were fired and Congress suspended money from ACORN did these 3 then report the story.

  2. Christopher, Just how deep the corruption goes is anybodies guess right now.
    But with everything we have seen with the lame stream media over the years it would not be surprising that they are conspiring with the government against the people of this country.

    I see that comcast has come out in support of Obamacare now.
    Is it posibble that it was required for government approval of comcasts takeover of NBC?
    There I go again, thinking silly stuff.
    That would never happen.

  3. The corruption must be might deep and far reaching in this country. The rest of the world is talking about it to no end. Some countries have started to press charges. But our media isn't even talking about it. I think the media is not covering a lot of things going on in the liberal world of politics. I'm affraid we are coming up on harder times and more lies because of the left.

  4. Doug -

    I apologize if someone has already contacted you about this:

    The Michigan's Defining Moment Community Conversation takes place on Monday, December 7 6:30pm - 8:00pm at Macomb Community College-University Center Campus at 44575 Garfield Road at Hall Road in Clinton Township. Participants will meet in Assembly Hall in the Professional Development Center

    Chris from Bonsai From the Right and his friend Tom, and Brian Pannebecker are planning on attending. If you are interested, email Kim Johnson ( and she can add your name to the reservation list. I was planning on attending by my niece has her first school play that same day and time.

  5. This is starting to gain momentum. NASA is trying to hide and obfuscate information just like CRU, but the sunlight is starting to shine on their shady dealings!

  6. I would love to attend that John but unfortunately I will be at work( these days I guess you could say fortunately), But Thanks for the heads up I know my wife would probably be interested in attending since she is already there on Mondays for her classes, What exactly will be on the agenda and what is the groups goal?

    Also John do you remember earlier this year the NASA official who was discovered manipulating temperature data?
    That never got alot of play in the media also

  7. The BBC has just posted an article about how the IPCC muddled a report on melting Himalayan glaciers by changing the predicted date from 2350 to 2035. However, the BBC buried the story in the World/South-Asia section when a few days ago they posted an alarmist article on glaciers in the Science & Nature section.

    Why does the BBC hide any news that doesn't promote the belief in AGW?

  8. I'm not entirely sure what will be on the agenda ... Chris might be able to tell you more about that. I'll shoot him an email to see if he has any more information. The group's website is:

  9. I went to The Center For Michigan's, Mich defining moments community conversation. They were looking to find a common ground agenda for Michigan's transformation. I video taped it so everyone can see what the direction Mich is taking or going to take. People are pissed at our local and federal gov't. It is going to be very hard in Mich for a long time with all the liberals in our state govt.